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Once your project is created and your data is uploaded, you are now ready to submit your project for processing. Simply click the 'Process' button and you are on your way.


Click the Process link at the top of you project, select the deliverables you would like and you will be notified once the processing is complete.

Point Cloud

COMING SOON: You can select to manipulate your point cloud in the cloud. This includes re-projecting, moving, etc...

DEM and Contours

Processing your data into a Digital Elevation Model and Contour file gives you several deliverables.

  1. 3D Ground Classified Point cloud (.las format)
  2. Digital Elevation Model (.tif format)
  3. Contour files (.shx, .dbf, .shp formats)


The Rock Robotic Cloud uses a token system for cloud processing. The number of tokens for a particular deliverable is determined by the deliverable type and the amount of LiDAR data to be processed.

To give you an idea of scale, the Airport Runway dataset is approximately .125 square kilometers and would cost 0 tokens to receive a 3D point cloud and 2 tokens to receive a DEM and contours.

Let's look at the data!