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Understanding the LiDAR Payload

The LiDAR payload is comprised of a high-grade Inertial Navigation System (INS), an internal computer, and a datalogger. It has 2 USB ports and a primary and secondary antenna port used to connect the drone to the payload.

The power button. The power button is utilized for a variety of functions.

Power On - To power up the unit, simply hold the power button until the 3 lights begin to glow.

Start Logging – After powered, tap the power button to begin logging data. The boot light will begin to flash between red and green, which indicates that the payload is beginning to log data.

Terminate Logging - To stop logging data, tap the power button again, which will make the boot light stop flashing.

Power Off - Shutting down the payload requires the user to hold the power button for about 4 seconds, after this let go and after a few seconds the 3 lights will turn off indicating that the payload has shut down. To perform a forced shut down, hold the power button for about 10 seconds and the lights will turn off.

Important note: For skyport applications, the drone supplies power to the payload, so it is important that the drone is powered on before the unit. With that relationship in mind, make sure to stop recording and shut down the unit before the drone. If this has not been done, the data from the flight may be lost.